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8Stock is a cloud based end-to-end inventory + warehouse automation system. As it is cloud-based, it can be integrated with the accounting system, marketplace and / or ecommerce platform easily.

A modular solution built to be robust, it can be deployed as a standalone on-premise or on-cloud web-based application. It works smoothly with other devices like a barcode scanner, able to scan and tag inventory seamlessly and auto-update into 8Stock efficiently.

8stock about us

end-to-end inventory + warehouse automation system

Instead of using the traditional way of tracking and documenting via spreadsheet online or stock card offline, migrate to 8Stock now for easier consolidated data online, all under one cloud. 8Stock is built for both B2B and B2C order fulfillment, a complete solution in one system. From the moment the stock arrives in the warehouse to fulfillment, pick and pack, to shipping and billing, the process is transparent end to end. Staff will have full visibility and control based on their respective access.

Being a user first, running a more efficient business, we are here to share our experiences, our challenges and our expertise with you to achieve a better understanding of your business and gathering of requirements. 8Stock can be up and running within 4 weeks after the requirement has been finalized.

  • Tracking of inventory end to end, be it serialized or non-serialized, by batch or by date, accuracy of data and control of the movement are of utmost importance in an Inventory Management.
  • Managing incoming orders from suppliers and timely goods receipts, backorders and drop shipments are the backbone of Order Management.
  • Online and Offline orders from multi-channels and marketplaces; such as Shopee, Lazada, official websites and more, are fulfilled within SLA’s set respectively as an efficient Fulfillment Management.
  • Daily tasks such as checking of stocks, receiving and transferring are all part and parcel of Warehouse Management, easily attainable at your fingertips
  • With our vast experience, a seamless integration from 8Stock to any external software such as accounting software, shipping apps, marketplaces, etc are efficiently integrated.
  • Analysis and reporting – to analyze warehouse performance, KPI reporting and stock forecast
  • System setup
    • requirement study and analysis
    • to configure system process flow, system customization and host integration
    • system design, deployment and user testing
    • onboarding, knowledge transfer and user training
    • process improvement
    • system support
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