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Order Management

8Stock Order Management is a step forward in automating the sales order fulfillment process in a centralized database. It tracks sales order entry and fulfillment online as opposed to manually updating the Excel sheets or stock books manually.

This ensures a faster approach across the company to access customer information easily especially during fulfillment. Not forgetting the high volume and complexity of managing the sales orders efficiently. Also, this will enable the extraction of data for reporting easily.

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Centralized System

A Centralized system to access and fulfill from the multi channel sales orders

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Barcode Scanning

Easy picking with high accuracy barcode scanning and fast tagging of product matching

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One-Click Button

Able to Print DO and marketplace airway bill at a click of a button to ensure timely delivery and postage

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Frequently Asked Questions

Streamlined Fulfillment: Dive into 8Stock Order Management’s automated approach to sales order tracking and fulfillment. Replace manual Excel updates with a centralized online system for faster access to customer information, efficient handling of complex orders, and effortless data extraction for reporting.

8Stock Order Management is a cutting-edge system that centralizes and automates the sales order fulfillment process. By tracking sales orders online, it eliminates the need for manual updates to Excel sheets or stock books, allowing for quicker access to customer information, efficient management of high-volume orders, and easy data extraction for reporting.

8Stock Order Management’s centralized database and automated tracking system enable the seamless handling of complex and high-volume sales orders. Its intelligent design allows for real-time updates and quick access to essential information, reducing errors and delays, and ensuring that even the most intricate orders are managed efficiently.

Yes, 8Stock Order Management is designed to integrate smoothly with various CRM systems and other business tools. Its centralized approach ensures that all relevant data is readily accessible across different platforms, enhancing collaboration and providing a unified view of sales order information.

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