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Warehouse Management

Daily operation of a warehouse that involves receiving, storing, picking, packing and shipping of stock is called warehouse management. From warehouse space to scheduling staff, managing inventory and fulfilling orders are some of the step-by-step processes in ensuring the warehouse runs efficiently and accurately. 

Optimizing the warehouse space, ensuring it is easily accessible to staff to fulfill orders and ship the orders out timely are important to strengthen relationships with suppliers and customers; also increase in efficiency and productivity yet keeping the costs low.

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Multi location inventory tracking

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8Stock WMS - 8Stock WMS - tracking of transfer orders

Tracking of transfer orders

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8Stock WMS - 8Stock WMS - batch processing

Batch processing of stock allows a more efficient transfer or fulfillment of orders

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8Stock WMS - 8Stock WMS - scanning bar code

Mobility is the key word, able to
sync with mobile application or handheld gadget

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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover answers to common questions about 8Stock’s Stock Return and Stock Issue processes, designed to efficiently manage the return of goods from customers to suppliers and the delivery of replacement stock.

8Stock’s Stock Return process provides a streamlined workflow to manage the return of goods from customers to suppliers. It ensures accurate tracking, validation, and processing of returns, making it easy to handle refunds or exchanges as needed.

The Stock Issue process in 8Stock refers to the delivery of replacement stock to customers. It allows for efficient handling of replacements, whether due to defects, incorrect shipments, or other reasons. This process ensures timely and accurate delivery of replacement items to maintain customer satisfaction.

Yes, 8Stock’s Stock Return and Stock Issue processes are fully integrated with other inventory management features within the platform. This integration ensures cohesive tracking and management of returns and replacements, aligning with overall inventory levels and warehouse operations.

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