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Delivery Management

8Stock Delivery Management is the process to deliver goods to customers from multiple sales channels received.

8Stock WMS - 8Stock WMS - print notes or labels

To create and print consignment notes from the marketplaces and 3rd party logistics.

8Stock WMS - 8Stock WMS -

Frequently Asked Questions

A feature designed to streamline multi-channel delivery and provide real-time updates from shipping providers and marketplaces.

8Stock’s Delivery Management allows you to create and print consignment notes for multi-channel delivery. By integrating with various shipping providers and marketplaces, it ensures a seamless and efficient delivery process across different sales channels.

Yes, 8Stock’s Delivery Management provides real-time tracking of shipments. By integrating with shipping providers, it offers immediate updates on the status of your shipments, allowing you to monitor progress and keep customers informed.

Absolutely! 8Stock’s Delivery Management is designed to integrate with various shipping providers. This flexibility ensures that you can choose the best shipping options for your needs, while maintaining a centralized view of all your fulfillment activities.

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