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Inventory Management

8Stock Inventory Management is a centralized approach to managing the inventory of a supply chain, a warehouse or a logistics company under one roof. This allows the data to be stored and managed accurately within the organization for up-to-date real-time reporting and planning.

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Access Control

Product configuration can be managed by a select few individual according to the respective access level requirement, in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer aspect

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Batch and expiry tracking can be applied to both serialized and
non-serialized products

1) Tracking of each product by batch
    or barcode.
2) Tracking of each product by date created
    or expiry date.

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It has Universal Product Code (UPC) tracking for barcode scanning

1) Products with barcode will provide a
    higher accuracy of identification as
    it is unique.
2) Scanning of barcodes will also ensure error
    free tagging of stocks.

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It is Multi Unit-of-Measurement (UOM) centric

Each product can be assigned with multiple UOM at various hierarchies.

Centralized Inventory

A Centralized inventory that stores all of the company’s stocks under one location

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Better Visibility and validity of the stock movement; the in and out of each stock is accounted for.

8Stock WMS - 8Stock WMS -

Improve Efficiency of the inventory process flow as a whole; ensuring the company is managing the inventory efficiently from end to end.

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Improve Demand Planning with the ability to track the stock trending and gauge the market trends; able to plan the stock ordering and stock threshold.

8Stock WMS - 8Stock WMS - stock movements

Stock Movements

Stock movements are accountable for both Serialized and non-serialized items

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8Stock WMS - 8Stock WMS - tracking of transfer orders

Stock Adjustment

The Stock Adjustment function allows the stock to be adjusted or amended if there is a discrepancy

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8Stock WMS - 8Stock WMS - stock movement

Stock Transfer

The Stock Transfer function allows stock to be transferred between internal and external organizations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unified Management: Explore how 8Stock centralizes inventory control across supply chains and warehouses, ensuring accurate data storage for real-time insights and strategic planning.

8Stock Inventory Management is a comprehensive system that centralizes the management of inventory across supply chains, warehouses, or logistics companies. By consolidating data under one roof, it ensures accurate and up-to-date real-time reporting and planning, enhancing efficiency and strategic decision-making.

8Stock utilizes advanced technology to continuously monitor inventory levels and transactions. This information is stored and managed centrally, allowing for immediate access to up-to-date data. Real-time reporting enables quick response to changes in demand or supply, while the centralized approach aids in long-term planning and optimization.

Yes, 8Stock Inventory Management is designed to seamlessly integrate with various other systems within an organization. Its centralized approach ensures that data from different departments and functions can be consolidated accurately, providing a cohesive view of inventory and facilitating cross-functional collaboration.

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